I am alone

Today marks the last day anyone in my area can go into wal-mart without a mask on, I decided to wear a mask of less practical applications to get a rise out of someone maybe. The brainwashing has escalated to the point that very very few people are even driving alone without a mask and the looks are becoming more apparently ugly and condescending. In the last few days I took the time to ponder the applications of blockchain again for the first time in a long time; we could have effortless incorruptible ledgers and indexing which would solve so many problems; the technology has been purposefully ignored for a decade now. Think about living in a world where you could cross analyze everything with the highest amount of details possible factored into the analysis all effortlessly done with only first hand information which was locked forever into an eternal web of credibility and socratic redactions. The only thing stopping such a system is the men who know it will up-heave their system of control, the system that allows men to let other men cover up their transactions using techniques so simple id like to think a child could see through it.

For a period I was content thinking that I was of the dumber half of humanity, its a comforting thought because I liked to think that if I could make sense of something then obviously anyone could. this is important because I believe deeply that without certain epiphanies I would be nothing less than a unhinged monster, the single most monstrous thing I believe is an idiot who believes they are not one or an ideologue incapable of humbling themselves enough to learn of their harm…. So about the corona virus and governmental/corporate “protection”; it is clear to me just how broken the country really is every waking moment I’m out buying bullshit or eating bullshit. I feel there is no hope left for people as I gaze into the isles to see the weak beaten faces of these drugged up sobs wearing their hope right over their useless orifices. I am alone, I really am one of very few people who understands risk, death, and property; and because I am the minority I know that I’ve already lost a war I only just recently found the eyes to see completely. People can not be free anymore, because most people don’t even understand what is necessary to be free.

the truth is, I want something to kill me before the future makes me feel anymore isolated and insane than it already has.

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