Social media is evil.

Over the last few years I have noticed a sick and twisted manipulation of human minds, it is real. When one looks back at history and tries to find a flash point for violent disgusting atrocities you can notice maybe that point to be the census. A census rarely if ever will benefit the individual; an argument can be made that massive amounts of accurate and cross analyzed data can lead to medical breakthroughs and this may be the only argument i’m willing to have about it, but even that will inevitably lead to very dark and maybe misplaced correlations (eugenic discussions). Facebook, Twitter, and any other website you give personal details to is nothing less than the single most monolithic and accurate census to have ever existed in human history; the madness has already begun as a result of this data collected. I do not think it is far fetched for a person who believes he has empiracle data to make extreme decisions and we can see this clearly in the way these platforms are pruning your feeds to influence voters and divide societies into race and ideology bubbles. Someone somewhere writes the math that is being used to control your perceptions, he believes he knows whats right and I seriously can’t think of anything more dangerous than a man with that kind of power who has convictions…. I spent years watching people bicker over one data table and the next and i finally came to realize that in the end all either party was doing was trusting another MAN who had monetary incentive to build a narrative, words like science, research, experts, facts, ect are no different than a religion to most people because the actual FACT is most didn’t do the research or take the time to cross analyze the way studies and data we’re collected, at the end of the day you believe someone else and I must remind you that all men are foul able and those who have more power and luxury are more disconnected from reality and prone to terrible inhumane decisions. I am a man that at a very young age distrusted all authority; religion, education, political, scientific; authority. I am not trying to suggesting you abandon all research and progress to embrace complete nonsensical madness, but the difference between a good person and a dangerous person can be boiled down in my eyes as the solidity of conviction. people with strong beliefs whom can hardly be made to read something that contradicts what they think are dangerous and very much the same men of a different time that murdered millions (zelots), if words provoke you (any words) in my mind you are no doubt a evil disgusting person who never understood the real meaning of free thought; I go as far as to include racial slurs. This is why I deleted all of my real information and unanonymous interactions on the web, the madness of knowing the cliff most people walk twords still keeps me awake; I fear for my daughters future. I am begging you to understand this, the only other alternative is death and destruction.

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